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My digital download books, are an accumulation of a decade of healing, research, writing & educating.
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My books have a wealth of information, including articles, personal writings, self-help strategies, PTSD management techniques and more.

Reviewed and endorsed by best-selling author and mental health professional Shannon Thomas LCSW.


It’s an honor to share my personal and professional connection with Lilly Hope Lucario and her immense impact on my life and other survivors of Complex Trauma.

I am a licensed trauma therapist, fellow survivor of abuse, and walk out daily life managing complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Lilly Hope Lucario is my favorite advocate for resources and encouragement to create a life worth living with CPTSD.

Even with my formal training, knowledge of trauma recovery, and years of professional experience as a mental health provider, it is Lilly Hope Lucario’s work that I turn to for support and concrete reminders of how to manage trauma symptoms before they become negatively life-altering. Lilly’s work provides evidence-based tools that have proven extremely helpful, and a space to find the voice of a caring friend who understands the complexities of surviving and thriving after trauma. I often refer counseling clients to Lilly’s website and social media accounts, and now this excellent compilation she has provided for all of us to benefit from.

For many years, Lilly has remained a consistently authentic and supportive advocate for survivors worldwide. Her genuineness and accepting spirit shine through her writing and illustrations. Lilly is a trusted advocate whose intentions are to help other survivors, not boost her ego or a self-serving agenda. Lilly graciously gives her time, knowledge, and care through the years of publishing a multitude of free resources for survivors. I believe these attributes Lilly embodies are vital to point out because survivors of trauma deserve to receive knowledge and support from someone whose heart and soul are in the right place. I believe Lilly has pure intentions in helping others and is a shining rare gem.

Her long history of dedication to providing resources, her genuine spirit, and her commitment to helping survivors are commendable. Lilly offers essential tools for managing trauma and is a true lived experience expert in the genre of CPTSD.

Working alongside Lilly for the last ten years online has been my honor, and she remains a trusted and highly knowledgeable resource. I am excited to endorse this newest project of hers and know it will shine a light on the healing path for many to follow into deeper levels of self-acceptance and healing.


- Shannon Thomas, LCSW-S

Author of Healing from Hidden Abuse & Exposing Financial Abuse

This website is authored by
Lilly Hope Lucario.

Lilly is the award-winning blogger and educator, whose healing journey is inspirational in the field of trauma.

Lilly has been writing and educating for over 10 years and has reached millions of people via her blog, website and related social media.

Lilly's work is recommended and shared by many trauma-informed mental health professionals & clinicians.

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