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Welcome to my Website


I created and authored this website, to assist people in their healing from complex trauma journey.
Also for those supporting someone they know, or wishing to educate themselves further about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder C-PTSD, and complex trauma.
This website results from considerable research, plus my counselling and my insight into complex trauma.
It is aimed from the perspective of a survivor.
Many mental health professionals, use this website to increase their own understanding about
complex trauma and they recommend this website and my blog, to their clients.
~ Lilly Hope Lucario
(Please note I am in the process of updating and revamping this site)
See my articles published by 'The Mighty' - where I am now an official contributor:
 12 Life Impacting Symptoms Of Complex PTSD Survivors Endure ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

What Is An Emotional Flashback - Lilly Hope Lucario


See my latest article about the harm caused throughout society in victim shaming

Victim Shaming Throughout Society Is More Abuse ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


For all REVIEWS of this Website - See The Reviews Tab In Menu  


"Dear Lilly,

Your website is a major resource for many many people who privately search out this kind of

information about trauma and its consequences.
C-PTSD patients are very often misunderstood, misdiagnosed and therefore mistreated by

usually well meaning and compassionate mental health professionals.
Unfortunately, in general, there is still very little clinical recognition and understanding

of the usual causes : which are chronic exposure to domestic violence, coercive control and child abuse.
Your work shines a very important light on this problem.
In my opinion you are providing a major public health service.

Stephanie Brandt MD"

On 14th July 2014, Pete Walker - a mental health professional and survivor of Complex Trauma, highly insightful into Complex PTSD - provided feedback on this Website and my work..


"I perused your website and it looks great. I commend you for the wonderful  work you are doing,

and should you ever want to use any of my stuff on your site, please feel free .

It’s great to know you are out there.

Please keep up the great work ~ Pete Walker"




Professional Review From Shannon Thomas LCSW

- Southlake Christian Counseling


“As I put the finishing touches on the book and study guide, I am creating a Resource page to include.

There are many books, blogs and social media pages that are great and helping people.

When I thought about the different people to ask to be included in the book as a resource,

I went to my own bookshelf.

I went to my saved social media pages because those are the ones I seek out even

if they don’t show in my news feed.

I asked Lilly at Healing From Complex Trauma and Ptsd/cptsd to be included as one of the resources because her website is the most thorough

and user friendly I have found on the subject of Complex PTSD.

I have been to every page on the site and it is all grounded in clinical truth so people visiting can know that

what she is sharing is solid from a mental health perspective. It covers education about Complex PTSD and PTSD.

She also writes and shares blogs about living a life of recovery and healing.

The website covers the full spectrum of a survivors journey, not just the early stages of despair.

She maintains a vibrant Facebook page with over 30,000 (now 80,000+) followers because

clearly what she is saying resonates with many people.

Lilly is a brave woman who has turned her life story into a driving force to help others with

Complex PTSD and PTSD.

Thank you Lilly for everything you do each day ♡”

~ Shannon Thomas LCSW


I am honoured to be acknowledged in Shannon Thomas' book..

'Healing From Hidden Abuse'

Shannon personally acknowledged me as....

"Lilly Hope Lucario, you are a shining example of what an

empowered survivor can accomplish.

Your advocacy work to educate others is admirable."

And added this Website as a recommended resource.

Shannon's book is recommended as a resource.

Eve Hanley - Therapist

"I often refer clients your way for reading.

You normalise and express CPTSD so well it really helps between sessions.

So many return feeling your words give them permission

to tell their story and have hope."



Angie Simonton - Therapist

"Ms. Lucario's website offers a wealth of information for

Survivors of C-PTSD and for those who support them.

She creates a safe place where she "just gets it."

She began offering this before the #metoo movement and helped

establish the term "Complex PTSD," although it's not yet a DSM diagnosis.

I highly recommend following her on all social media platforms

for a better understanding of trauma."


Lynne Abel - Therapist

"As a therapist who works in this area, some of your references & resources

I already had, others I have printed off & used - thanks!

I appreciate the care you go to to ensure the quality of what you put on here."

John D. Dawkins Jnr - Therapist

"I'm brand new to the site. I'm a psychotherapist in South Florida that

specializes in trauma.

I've been looking for a way to provide information to a broader audience

than just what I can do for my individual clients."

Katherine Joseph - Therapist

"I am also one of those licensed mental health professionals

and Lilly's work can be trusted, and is compassionate."


My Blog has now reached over 2.5 million views!

See the blog link above, to direct you to my award winning blog.

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