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About Me & My Reason For This Website




A little about me ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


I am a survivor of severe, multiple, complex interpersonal trauma and I share my life experiences, my extensive research, insight (confirmed by professionals) knowledge and personal understanding of (Complex) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related illness, with a heart to help others. I know how challenging, emotional and impacting this healing journey is.


I don't provide my real name, I use a pen name, as I need to protect my anonymity and the identities of family members.



My goal...


My goal for this website is to provide information, education, validation, awareness and increased understanding of PTSD and Complex PTSD, for those suffering these disorders and other related disorders and illness.


It is also to provide information for supporters of those suffering and for those wanting to know more.


I also aim to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, in particular to PTSD and Complex PTSD.

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