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What Are Boundaries? Why do we need them?



Throughout my own healing journey, I came to understand how important personal boundaries are.


What I also realised, I did not learn any healthy and normal boundaries, in my childhood. Because all the adults around me, abused my boundaries.  Boundaries were abused physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually.


So, is it any wonder, my boundaries were soft and led to more toxic people using this, to cause further abuse.


Not learning boundaries in childhood, can lead to soft, or very rigid boundaries in adulthood. This leads to further issues, abuse and harm.


A lack of healthy boundaries, often leads to further re-traumatisation and unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships. It is understandable, when this is all the abuse survivor, knows. When it is their normal.


Now I am aware of what healthy boundaries are, and I can discern where other people, have unhealthy boundary issues.


I continually educate and blog about boundaries, as I know how important they are. Without them, healing is not possible.




What are personal boundaries?


They include physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, material boundaries, mental boundaries, spiritual boundaries, sexual boundaries.

See my list of books for a great resource on Boundaries.



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