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Triggers -v- Stressors 





Is a term used a lot with PTSD. Often triggers are confused with stressors.


A trigger is something that makes you think directly to abuse/trauma.


An example of a trigger for me is guns, particularly guns used in situation to threaten people.


Other examples are a person's facial expressions, a smell, words someone used, angry people etc.


Triggers often lead to flashbacks, intrusive memories.





Are things that causes stress, irritate and can overload the already fragile PTSD brain.


Stressor is something that my brain finds difficult to cope with, like noise.


I cannot tolerate the sound of our vacuum cleaner.


Noise & sensory processing, are common issues with PTSD, due to the way the brain processes it.


Both Triggers and Stressors need to be managed. 


Triggers need to be avoided where possible and stressors need to be limited where possible, when healing from PTSD


Later in the healing process, when the PTSD symptoms are well managed, triggers, can be re-introduced under careful management.


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