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Why Was I abused? A popular question.


People come up with a whole range of unwise reasons for why they have been abused. Most of these reasons are rationalising the abuse, a way of coping....but does not mean it is the truth.



Why was I abused….??


There is only one reason, why I have endured severe, multiple abuse in my life.


Because abusive people, made decisions and choices to abuse me.


No, it wasn’t because I deserved it.


No, it wasn’t due to anything I did wrong.


No, it wasn’t because God wanted me to suffer, as part of His divine plan.


No, I wasn’t given this life because I am strong enough to live it.


No, it wasn’t my karma.


No, it wasn’t due to the laws of attraction that meant I in some way attracted it into my life.


No, it wasn’t because I had some divine purpose that meant I needed to suffer to learn and grow.


Or any of the other unwise rubbish peddled in society that encourages 'victim blaming' and 'victim shaming'.


Abusive people, made choices to abuse me.


It is their blame, their shame, their guilt, their sin.


It is as simple as that.



















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