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Types of Abuse 



There are many different types of abuse, and within each type, there are many different abusive behaviours the victim is subjected to.


Some types of abuse are obvious and overt, some of non obvious, covert, and often victims won't even know they are being subjected to it.


There are different factors that affect how the abuse affects each individual, and obviously if the abuse is over prolonged periods of time, and if perpetrated to a child in particular - the affects can be far greater, and more life impacting.


Here is a list of recources I have collated, that examine and explain the different types of abuse.



Sexual Violence/Sexual Abuse



Child Abuse



Emotional Abuse


Psychological Abuse



Verbal Abuse



Physical Abuse


Spiritual/Religious Abuse



Domestic Violence




Lying: The Ultimate Manipulation Tactic

By Dr George Simon, PhD


See link HERE

Understanding Rationalization: Making Excuses as an Effective Manipulation Tactic

– By Dr George Simon, PhD


See link HERE

Gaslighting As A Manipulation Tactic – What is it, who does it and why?

Dr George Simon PhD.


See link HERE

‘In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People’

– George Simon Ph.D.


See link HERE

Recovery From Narcissistic/


Abuse, Is Slow

& Painful

~ Lilly Hope Lucario


See link HERE

Vilifying The Victim

By George Simon Ph.D


See link HERE 

5 Ways

Sociopaths & Narcissists Make You Feel Crazy


See link HERE

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