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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

& Noise Sensitivity



There is a confirmed link between PTSD and noise sensitivity and hyperacusis.


And I don’t mean the loud sounds, startle reflex types of sound.


I mean the PTSD stressors, like tapping, high pitched sounds, competing sounds, the vacuum cleaner, the lawn mower, kids bouncing balls……..


On bad days – I can literally feel like I want to scream!!!


It is literally pain in my head.


It’s a not a commonly known one, but I have deep insight into my PTSD symptoms and why – so I researched it.


See here for more info on Hyperacusis





Noise can affect those with PTSD/Complex PTSD in different ways....


1. The PTSD Startle Reflex - which is about anxiety and loud noises and bangs etc will cause the survivor to jump and startle easily.


2. The noises that trigger trauma memories and flashbacks.


3. The noise sensitivity issues of how the PTSD brain process all sensory coming into the brain (noise, light, vision, smell etc) differently than a non PTSD brain.


Due to these different issues with noise........ noise and sounds become a really big issue for most PTSD survivors.


And the more severe the PTSD is experienced (each person experiences PTSD at different levels of severity) ....... the worse these sound/noise issues can be.




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